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Our Objectives

Most of the people living in Mahishadal and its neighbouring areas are poor, under-privileged and academically impoverished. The state of learning English being miserable among them in the context of the world advancing fast towards technological development and globalization, the objective of APEX ACADEMY is to impart education to their children making them highly proficient in English and competent to meet the challenges of life, with a minimum of expenses. The school is dedicated to the development of all the people by providing them a sound academic background.

The students are imbued with the Indian culture and tradition. They are asked to shirk selfishness and they are inspired to help the poorer section of the locality by donating their mites. At least two times in a month, the students come forward with their generous contribution which combined together, forms a great bulk for help to the poor people or students. In the process, we help manifest the latent humanity in them.

  • To enable a child to discover, explore and mature his/her individual interests and latent.
  • To provide opportunities for a child to think freely and express their ideas and opinions.
  • To enhance exceptional academic skill.
  • To enable children to reflect and take wise and independent decisions.
  • To develop a strong ethical code, encouraging social awareness to help them to understand and meet with confidence the challenges of a diverse and changing society and the world of work.
  • Building positive attitudes for learning and a strong sense of personal responsibility.
  • Innovative use of technology to enhance communication skills.
  • Produce confident, polite and socially responsible learners.