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Apex Infrastructure


The school has well equipped laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Geography and Computer Science. Besides, there are so many modern T.L.M.(Teaching Learning Materials) like L.C.D. Projector, Overhead Projector, T.V., D.V.D. Player, lots of educational CDs and DVDs, Charts, Maps and other things to make the teaching effective.


The school arranges wide range of conveyance system for the transit of the students. Buses are arranged elaborately. Conveyance charges are decided according to the distance. The exchange of Escort Card is very important. No student will be transported in the school bus if the guardian does not exchange the Escort Card. Guardians are requested to exchange it properly with the school or vehicle staff.

The students must board the buses only in the stoppages, determined by the school. The guardians are requested to co-operate with the school authority in this respect.

For any complaint against the movement of the vehicle or vehicle staff, the guardians are requested to contact the Principal or the Vehicle Manager of the school.


The school has a beautiful and large playground of its own where the students can play and also can take part in many sports activities. Besides the Annual Athletic Meet, there are arrangements for plays like badminton, volley ball, football, cricket and table tennis etc. Intra- class sports competitions are held regularly. Yoga has been introduced. Moreover, there are regular classes of physical drill for the students. It is obligatory for every student to take part in games and sports.


Smart Classes has been introduced in the school. This audio-visual system of learning fascinates the students and has increased their joy of learning.