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From Our president's Desk

The elites of Mahishadal, under the dynamic leadership of Prof Haripada Maiti, set up Apex Academy at Mahishadal ten years back with a noble dream to attach the humble, docile and meritorious students of the placid countryside with the wide spectrum of the corporate world. The dream has been materialized to the fullest extent and Apex Academy is now a highly developed academic institution. It has become popular with the guardians because the school is four walls with tomorrow inside where children think, dream, believe and achieve. The educational atmosphere is designed to bring the best out of every child. The school offers a holistic curriculum which develops all aspects of the growing child’s personality: the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual potential. Extra - curricular activities are given due importance here because they are very important in developing various talents of the students, whether in sport, music, art drama or leadership.

I would urge upon all the guardians, teachers, staff and the management to support the institution wholeheartedly so that it can find a smooth passage to future success because the development of the locality will depend on the successful development of such institution. I have no doubt that Apex Academy will ,one day, be ranked as one of the best institutions in the state.

Dr. Asim Kumar Bera
President, Managing Committee, Apex Academy