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From Our chairman's Desk

To me nothing is more joyous than the fact that with the commencement of this Session Apex Academy approaches 10th year of its successful service to the society. The dream project is smoothly and effectively culminating and it seems that its luminous race is just begun. It has opened up a new vista to the academic ambition of the people of the district who are mentally assured to build up the career of their wards. The stupendous co-operation from the guardians has helped the school reach a laudable position within this short span of life. Indeed, it is the guardians who love it more than its other stakeholders. I don’t find any adequate language to express my gratitude to my respectable guardians. It has become their school. The school is now considered to be the educational hub of the community and the community has got the school it deserves and vice versa. The history of the school during these ten years has become the history of success and lot of expectations.

The teachers and the staff have immensely contributed a lot for the present prosperity of the school. They have taken, and they usually take great pains to dedicate their entire service to the uplift of their beloved institution. They have taken a vow to take absolute care of the students. No word of praise will be sufficient to describe their dedication. In fine I must pay great compliment to my colleagues, the members of the management. I am lucky that such a team of management has been formed by the grace of God. With this team, we can walk thousands of miles, with greater success that we attained during these last ten years. They all can envisage great dreams and have potentials to translate them into reality. I am sure the progress of the school is safe in their hands.

In the 10th anniversary we have some plans for the development of the school. There will be some infrastructural development, no doubt, but we are more intent on inner development. The growth of science and technology has made the world shrink and become small, but the mind of man cannot afford to be small as that will portend danger and destruction. The students must grow up concerned for humanity and valuing life and natural resources. We will strive for the all-out development of our dearest students.

We sincerely solicit everyone’s co-operation.

Prof. Haripada Maiti
Chairman, Apex Welfare Trust