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Apex advantage


The academic performances of the children are improving every day at a passing rate percent.

In 2015 Apex Academy has started ISC with Science and Humanities. In 2018 Apex Academy has started ISC with Commerce. The school is increasing its infrastructure by constructing new buildings and a new auditorium organizing programmes and other school events.

The school has achieved much better result in regard to the performance of their students in ICSE.


The school is run by Apex Welfare Trust which is a duly registered body. The elites of the society comprise the Trust and Managing Committee.

Medical Unit

The school has a very good medical set up. The following doctors comprise the school’s medical unit.

  • Dr. Asis Kr. Bhakta, M.B.B.S.
  • Dr. Amit Kr. Pradhan, M.B.B.S.
  • Dr. Subrata Maiti, M.B.B.S.
  • Dr. Asim Kr. Pradhan, M.B.B.S.
  • Dr. Arupratan Maiti, M.B.B.S., D.C.H., M.D.
  • Dr. Shreya Maitra (Maiti), M.D.
  • Dr. Nilanjan Chakravarty, M.B.B.S.
  • Half Yearly health check-up of the students will be made by the physicians. Guardians are advised to come and consult the physicians about their wards, if necessary, on the day of health check-up.
  • If the exigencies arise during the school hours, treatment will be made by the school at its own cost.
  • Guardians are requested not to send their wards to school if the students suffer from any ailment.
  • Guardians are requested to maintain the hygienic principles for their wards.
  • Guardians should follow the do's and don'ts mentioned in the medical card

    One foreign language, Spanish will be taught to the willing students of class VII to X.


    The school regularly arranges the activity classes like Rhyme Competitions, Spelling Contests, Recitation, Nature Study etc. The students are often introduced to the open-lap of nature for open-air classes in the fair weather.

    The students are to attend the Library classes positively and Physical training classes regularly. The school regularly arranges the Literary Activities like debate, eloquence, seminars, spelling contests, creative writing and recitations etc. There are also the scientific activities like nature study, science club activities, experimentation and explorations etc. Cultural Activities like music, dance and drama are regularly held. Instrumental music will also be taught.

    The students from Class VI onward will be required to select at least one activity from above the three activities. But normal practice is that a student usually takes part in most of the activities.

    Besides the co-curricular activities, the students of the upper classes are to take part in some Socially Useful Productive Works. These works are variegated and many and devised by the teachers from time to time.

    Karate has been introduced in the school from this session. It is compulsory for all the students from Class II onwards. Special camps in Sports and Athletics will be arranged for specially skilled and interested students. Regular trainings are arranged for Badminton, cricket, football, volleyball, kho kho etc. The guitar training is given to the interested students.


    Rabindra Jayanti, Teachers’ Day, Children’s Day, Independence Day, Afforestation Day, Republic Day, Netaji’s Birthday, Gandhiji’s Birthday, Vidyasagar’s Birthday, Vivekananda’s Birthday, Nazrul Jayanti, Khudiram’s Birthday, Grand Parents’ Day

    Besides the school observes birth and death anniversaries of great personalities and any other special day.


    Emphasis is given on extra-curricular, socially productive and charity activities. In our school there is a constant effort to involve students in outside classroom activities. They are:

  • Garbage cleaning programme
  • Traffic awareness
  • Drinking water awareness programme
  • Campaign against plastics
  • Distributing fruits to the patients of the local hospital
  • Helping the poor students of the orphanage and the locality
  • The students always stand by the people who are naturally devastated.

    Grand Parents’ Day is observed every year. The management of the school has accordingly formed the Grand Parents’ Association who will meet frequently to find out solutions for the advancement of students.


    The quarterly magazines in English and Bengali will be published under the editorship of the students. This has been arranged for the expression and culmination of the creative impulses of the young minds. The guardians are requested to see that the student try to write and contribute their original articles for the magazine.


    Teachers’- Guardians’ Association has been formed to establish a happy relationship between the teachers and the guardians. The Association meets at least three times a year to sort out and solve their problems. Besides, feedback on different aspects of the school is taken at least once in a year from the guardians.


    The school arranges excursions to different places of interest. Besides, educational tours are arranged frequently. The school is also thinking of the continental tours. The students of the upper classes are asked to keep their passports ready.


    The school has appointed one Counselor cum psychologist who will delicately handle the behavioral problems and counsel the students in their day to day activities. She will, if necessary, deal with the problems related to the adolescence and stress of the students. She may sometimes arrange parents’ counseling session, as required. The guardians must attend the Counseling Session, convened by the school.

    In case of the misbehavior of a student, the school will first of all try to counsel the students with the co-operation of the guardians. But if the student is incorrigible, he or she will have to leave the school.

    Any abnormal or immoral activity on the part of a student will be severely dealt with and even will be rusticated from the school.