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Apex Academy

Apex Academy has widely been popular within the short period of its inception and it is emerging as the No 1 School in the district. The guardians have put their unstinted support to the school and at present about 1200 students pursue their studies here.

School Hours

The school hours will be usually from 10AM to 4PM. But during the Winter Season the school hours will be from 10AM to 3.30PM.

The School hours of Play Group to Preparatory will be from 10AM to 1.30 PM on Monday, Wednesday and Friday and 10AM to 4PM on Tuesday and Thursday.

Examinations, Co-curricular activities, Picnic, Observance of Important Occasions may be held on Saturdays.

It is mandatory for the students to take part in Sports, Observance of Important Days, Excursions and all other programmes undertaken by the school.

School Uniform

The students must come to school in complete, neat and tidy uniform. In the days of sports and physical education, the students will come to school positively in Physical Education dress. White aprons will certainly be used in the practical classes. Nails and hair should be regularly cut and shaved.